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Freelance Writing: Guide From Wedding Writer on How to Get Started

Freelance writing is one of those jobs that you can easily make a living out of. To be a freelance writer, you don’t necessarily need to have a creative writing degree. As long as you have good control of language, grammar, spelling and a knack for storytelling, you are good to go.

If you are looking into freelance writing as a new career, it will help to have a clear idea of what you need to do. For those just starting out, below is a practical freelance writing guide which will help you get on the right track.

Research About Freelance Writing

Read lots of articles about how to make a living with freelance writing. By doing lots of research you will learn plenty about;

● Picking what topics you could write about.
● Where to find writer communities.
● Where freelance writing jobs are posted.
● How to pitch your work to online magazines.
● How much to charge for your written work.
There is never too much information out there about freelance writing.

Learn About Formatting

Most freelance writing jobs will be for online written work like;
● Blog posts
● Articles
● Websites
● Whitepapers
● Etc.

Do research by analyzing blogs and online magazines. Pay attention to how websites format their copy and how it’s written. Practice writing with a good format by starting your own blog.
Practice writing with this outline;
● Introduction
● Headings
● Subheadings
● Conclusion

Build A Portfolio of Your Work

There are a few ways to show off your writing. First of all, on your own blog. Offer guest posts in blogs about topics you are familiar with. Find websites about the things you are interested in and pitch them some guest posts. To start off, you need to have some good writing published somewhere so you can show it to potential clients.

Open an account on Contently and add the articles you have managed to get published on different websites. This portfolio will be a great link to show clients that want to see your work.

Another way is to have a writer’s website. In this website, you should include all your latest published pieces, a bit about yourself, and what you can write about. Never forget to include an easy way for clients to get in touch with you.

Start Looking For Work

Once you feel confident that you can write for clients, it’s time to look for work. You could offer your writing services locally through community centers or friends and family. Online, you can find work on sites like these;
● ProBlogger
● BloggingPro
● Morning Coffee Newsletter
● Freelance Writing Jobs
● Upwork

Stay Organized

One of the best ways to be successful as a freelance writer is to be organized from the very beginning. Set yourself up with a project management system where you can keep tabs on what sites you have pitched articles to, or what clients have hired you. Set deadlines with notifications so you will always know what is coming up next. Learn to manage your time by timing how long it takes you to research, write and edit an article.

Use editing software like Grammarly and Hemingway to always check your work for errors. You always want to send your clients your best work. We hope this freelance writing guide was helpful and good luck with your new career!

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